Now open in Sunrise Manor, Mini Studio is a photography studio here for you.  If you're a photographer in need of studio space, you're in the right place.  We have studio space available for rent, as well as a nice space for you to meet with clients.  Our studio includes display shelves for your work, windows for available light, and blackout curtains for control.  Take a look below and see what Mini Studio can do for you.

4880 E. Bonzanza Rd. #4 - Bonanza near Nellis



For your needs


Open studio with rolling backdrops

With nearly 800 square feet of open space, Mini Studio is great for all sorts of portrait photography, including headshots, small groups (up to 8 people), newborns, and children.  Two sets of motorized rolling backdrops are available for rental, as well.  South-facing windows allow plenty of light into the area during all hours of the day, with diffuser and blackout curtains available for total light control.  We also have small shelves installed for you to display your best work for your clients during your shoot.  A private restroom with a changing area is also available.


Meet with your clients here.

Sit with your clients in a private, comfortable, and secure location away from your home.  Use the display shelves to show off your own work and impress your clients.  The Meeting Place can be booked a la carte or as an add-on to a shoot session.  The area is yours.  An available 1080p projector can be added to help sell your work.

Fashion Rail




We are also working on this one.  Check back later to find out when we will be able to provide clothing rental.

Essential Gear




We are working on this one.  Check back later to find out when we will be able to provide this service.

Photo Equipment



Mini Studio LLC lets out for hire the Mini Studio facility located at 4880 E. Bonanza Rd. Suite #4, Las Vegas, NV 89110.  This includes independent use of the studio facility and/or the meeting place furniture.  All items within the Studio area as agreed upon may be used.  Items in the office/warehouse space may not be used. Facility area is 783 square feet.

TENANT is temporary tenant of the Studio only for the term of the hours agreed upon by both parties, and must completely vacate the Studio by the end of the term.

By booking a service, the tenant commits himself to pay a non-refundable DEPOSIT of  $25 to Mini Studio LLC.  The DEPOSIT paid will be applied to the final balance of the price of the rental of the Studio space.  If the TENANT cancels the appointment more than 48 hours prior to the appointment time, Mini Studio LLC must refund the $25 DEPOSIT.  Mini Studio LLC is under no obligation to refund the $25 DEPOSIT if the TENANT cancels the appointment within 48 hours prior to the appointment.  If Mini Studio LLC must cancel the appointment for any reason other than the TENANT'S choice of cancellation, Mini Studio is obliged to notify TENANT of cancellation and return the $25 DEPOSIT if requested.  TENANT may choose to apply the DEPOSIT to another appointment time.

Mini Studio is obliged to make the Studio available to the tenant in a clean state and with no defects at the start time agreed upon by both parties.  The TENANT is obliged to leave the Studio in a clean state and with no defects at the ending time agreed upon by both parties.  The TENANT is obliged not to cause any trouble or other inconvenience to Mini Studio LLC and neighbours.

TENANT is responsible for the insuring of TENANT'S business, and must provide a Certificate of Insurance at least 48 hours prior to the use of the Mini Studio Facility.  If no Certificate of Insurance is provided, Mini Studio LLC reserves the right to cancel the agreement without notice and without refund of the $25 DEPOSIT.

TENANT, at TENANT'S expense, shall comply with all present and future Federal, state, and local laws, ordinance, orders, rules, and regulations (collectively, "Laws"), and shall procure all permits, certificates, licenses, and other authorizations required by applicable Laws relating to TENANT'S business or TENANT'S use or occupancy of the Mini Studio facility.  TENANT shall make all reports and filings required by applicable laws.

No substance or material of an explosive, inflammable, dangerous, or radiological nature in such quantities as may materially endanger any part of the Mini Studio facility or its occupants shall be kept or permitted to be kept in or near Mini Studio.  The photography of nude or risqué material is prohibited in this area.  The photography of any restricted or controlled substances, such as (but not limited to) tobacco products, alcohol products, marijuana, or any other illicit material is prohibited.



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